See what's happening inside your reactor

Our bioreactor simulation tool will provide you with unique insights.  A high-performance, cloud based simulation tool tailored for gassed and stirred bioreactors. Easy to use for everyone.

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Companies

Lower your scale-up costs

Computational fluid dynamics can reduce the number of tests from 10–15 to 2–3, which typically cost € 40.000 to 80.000 per run [Delvigne et al. 2017].
You can realize those cost savings without the need of expensive simulation experts or computer hardware.

Regulatory affairs

Validate your operating range and reactor design

Due to the cloud computing approach parallel simulations covering entire geometrical or operational parameter ranges can be started easily.  The most recent computer hardware is at your disposal, secured by the Kaleidosim framework to protect your company secrets.


Troubleshoot faster and get a deeper process understanding

Due to the use of the latest generation of graphic cards the simulation results are usually available on the same day to support you in the search for root causes. The simulation results give you a deep insight in the processes inside your reactor.

Equipment manufacturers

Let your customers simulate

Differentiate yourself from your competitors. As an equipment manufacturer, we can provide a simulation portal with your corporate branding. Customers can choose from your reactor portfolio and run their individual tests. You can use the access to the portal as a unique selling proposition for your reactors.


Do virtual process transfers

Compare the conditions your microorganisms experience virtually. Optimize operating conditions before the first batch is produced.


Usable for

  • mAb, protein and plasmid DNA production
  • Cultivation of mammalian cell lines, insect cells, and stem cells
  • Fermentation of microorganisms (like bacteria, yeasts, and fungi), plant cells and algae
  • Compound mixing and storage hold
  • Vaccine production



  • Protein refolding
  • Single use bioreactors
  • Perfusion reactors
  • Bubble columns
  • Suitable for all stirred vessel systems

Identification of

  • Dead zones
  • High shear zones
  • Maximum temperatures
  • Low/high oxygen/substrate/carbon dioxide areas


  • Energy demand
  • Cell death rate
  • Operating costs


  • Different stirrer types and positions
  • Feeding positions
  • Sparger configuration and initial bubble size distributions
  • Baffle and heat exchanger configuration


  • Holdup
  • Product output
  • Yield, titer

Our Offer 


On the basis of the simulation software we offer the following consulting services

– Joint development of a simulation-based solution strategy for your reactor design questions

– Simulation of different predefined geometrical and operational parameter ranges

– Post processing of raw data & reactor performance

– Written report with optimization recommendations

Take advantage of more than ten years of experience in bio-reactor simulation, design and optimization!

Cloud Based Software

Get a cloud-based access to our software, with the following benefits

– Initial training and setup from us

– Simulate your reactors according to your design questions

– Get raw data and automatically post-processed data

– Use the insights to further optimize your reactor

– The lead developers are at your service, should you have any questions

We are also happy to tailor the software guided by your feedback!

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